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What is Tempario Opere Edili E Civili and Why You Need It for Your Next Project

Tempario Opere Edili E Civili: A Powerful Tool for Optimizing Resources and Quality in Construction

If you are a contractor, engineer, or architect involved in civil works, you know how important it is to plan and manage your projects efficiently and effectively. You need to estimate the costs, time, and materials required for each task, as well as monitor the progress and quality of the work. You also need to comply with the technical specifications and regulations that apply to your field.

Tempario Opere Edili E Civili

But how can you do all this without wasting time and money? How can you ensure that your projects are delivered on time, on budget, and with the highest standards of quality?

The answer is Tempario Opere Edili E Civili, a comprehensive and updated reference book that provides you with all the information you need to perform any type of civil work, from new constructions to maintenance and renovation.

What is Tempario Opere Edili E Civili?

Tempario Opere Edili E Civili is a book that contains thousands of standardized codes and descriptions for every type of civil work, such as foundations, structures, walls, roofs, floors, doors, windows, plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, painting, landscaping, etc.

Each code corresponds to a specific task or activity that can be performed in a civil work project. For example:

  • TE.00.10.10.a: Cutting of shrubs and vegetation in general

  • TE.01.10.20.b: Excavation with mechanical means in hard rocks

  • TE.03.10.10.a: Reinforced concrete foundation slab

  • TE.05.10.10.a: Brick wall with mortar joints

  • TE.07.10.10.a: Wooden door with frame and hardware

  • TE.09.10.10.a: Copper water pipe with fittings

  • TE.11.10.10.a: Electrical wiring with conduits and boxes

  • TE.13.10.10.a: Gas-fired boiler with accessories

  • TE.15.10.10.a: Plastering with lime-cement mortar

  • TE.17.10.10.a: Painting with acrylic paint

  • TE.19.10.10.a: Grass lawn with irrigation system

For each code, the book provides the following information:

  • The average labor cost per unit of measurement (e.g., square meter, cubic meter, linear meter, etc.)

  • The average labor time per unit of measurement (e.g., hours, minutes, seconds)

  • The average percentage of labor cost over the total cost of the task

  • The materials required for the task and their quantities per unit of measurement

  • The technical specifications and standards that apply to the task

  • The environmental impact and safety measures that apply to the task

All this information is based on the latest data and best practices from the construction industry in Italy and Europe.

Why You Need Tempario Opere Edili E Civili for Your Next Project?

Tempario Opere Edili E Civili is not just a book; it is a powerful tool that can help you optimize your resources and quality in any civil work project.

With Tempario Opere Edili E Civili, you can:

  • Create accurate and detailed estimates of costs, time, and materials for your projects

  • Compare different options and scenarios for your projects and choose the most convenient and profitable ones

  • Negotiate better contracts and prices with your clients and suppliers

  • Monitor the progress and quality of your projects and identify any deviations or problems early on

  • Control your budget and cash flow and avoid any unexpected expenses or delays

  • Ensure that your projects comply with the technical specifications and regulations that apply to your field

  • Improve your productivity and efficiency and reduce waste and errors

  • Enhance your reputation and credibility as a professional in the construction industry

In addition, Tempario Opere Edili E Civili comes with a CD-ROM that contains a software application that allows you to access all the information in the book in a digital format.

You can use the software to create customized estimates, invoices, reports, schedules, charts, graphs, etc., using the data from the book.

You can also export the data to other software applications such as Excel or Word.