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Orting Residents for Choice

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The Gates Of Slumber Conqueror Rar

Show #470 - Recorded live on March 30, 2021Special background music from Conqueror's Mourn - No More for the**Playlist**1) Nazxul - Inferno2) Yoth Iria - The Red Crown Turns Black3) Aara - Nimmermehr4) The Stone - Okamenjen5) Perverse - Hammer & Iron**talk**6) Satyricon - The King of the Shadowthrone7) Nartvind - Into the Grave8) Noah Angel - Into The Endless Darkness**talk**9) Rietas - KivirantaLive every Tuesday at 9pm EST on

the gates of slumber conqueror rar

Show #429Recorded live from my house on June 09, 2020Special background music from Gates of Morheim -**Playlist**1) Vuur & Zijde - Zonnestorm2) Impavida - Gram3) Ancient Torment - Of the Path of Wolves and Pain4) Vide - These Nightmares**talk**5) Nôidva - Followers of the North Star6) Membaris - Pulsar7) October Falls - The Ruins of What Once Was**talk**8) Biesy - Karolina23Live every Tuesday at 9pm EST on 350c69d7ab


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