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Autocad 2013 Windows 8 14

Later that day, I got AutoCAD 2013 (RC beta) running in 8. It works, except that running inside a virtual machine, the graphics are a bit sluggish, because 3D graphics are emulated -- no hardware drivers.

autocad 2013 windows 8 14

Is not the image that is fake. It is possivel install the autocad 2013 in the windows 8. What is false is that the same work well. It has a lot of fatal errors, what does impossivel work with him.sory my english

Sorry, but your last answer is useless, doesn't matter what you like or hate. Fact is, AutoCAD 2013 can be installed on Windows 8, but it doesn't work when you use it, it closes constantly, so your article is misleading/false (I would not use the word fake, however).

True Autocad 2013 working on Windows 8, but having several problems. Hope they fix them. I got it just as hobbiest, but for such an expensive program they will have to give support for Windows 8 faster than you think.

Hello everyone!I'm installing autocad 2013 on windows 8 RTM with changing setup.ini file.But on start autocad shows fatal error Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x0000.Has anyone an idea to solve this problem?

Hello everyoneI finally found the soulison for brobelmme of autocad 2013 install on windows 8 for the one I created new setup.ini and I place into the directory and;must change the original file from my file; it workslink:

I tried to install Autocad 2013 on windows 7 but get an error in the beginning : "Your computer is using an unsupported version of the Microsoft .NET Framework. The product you are installing requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later.Please update .NET Framework 4.0 and restart your computer before installing your Autodesk product. " although .NET Framework 4.0 is installed.I used a .Netfixcleaner and cleared Temp\ folder stopped antivirus but the message comes.

People don't get our pain...its not about reinstalling the darn windows, I am not THAT LAZY, its about trust and being secure about framework 4...I don't want an error like this to happen to me in the middle of some project while meeting the tightest deadline ever...Many of us are already all stressed up and pressured enough, we don't need any more of software unreliability and unpredictability.

I wish someone could seriously come up with the solution about this, there are sooo many posts around the net related to this issue since 2 years ago and NO ONE has ever came up with anything besides reinstalling windows!?

Since V8i versions it is possible to install several "RealDWG" version Updates to support higher RealDWG version formats. see: Bentley V8i (SELECTseries 4) - Autodesk RealDWG 2016 FAQConfiguration variable MS_REALDWG_VERSION needs to be used to switch between "RealDWG 2016", "RealDWG 2014", "RealDWG 2013", "RealDWG 2012", and "RealDWG 2009".For more details see: Bentley V8i - Autodesk RealDWG(TM) FAQ and Enable "RealDWG 2016" Update for DWG 2015/2016 format in SS3

I just installed AutoCad 2013. I am all set with all of the features but i want to lock the position of the command line. I drag it below the drawing window and it stays there while I am using AutoCad but when I close the program and reopen the command line has moved back to the origial location. Do you know how to lock the location of the command line? 350c69d7ab


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